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How to Run Wii Backups on Wii-U / By jse / Difficulty: Very Easy 39308 views
18:46 How to Run Wii Backups on Wii-U (vWii/Wii Mode) // Guide featured at http://NFORush.net (http://bit.ly/11KbVDO) Today we are further softmodding the Wii Mode (vWii) of the Wii-U to run...
Wii U Hacking 101 -EP 2 Wii Backups with Wii Flow 63458 views
10:26 Pox shows how to get a Wii U to run and install backup Wii games. *update* New IOS236 installer doen't need a wad to work http://wiiuhax.com/released-ios236-installer-mod-v8-for-vwii/ New...
How To Install d2x v10 for vWii - USB Loading [WiiU] 25388 views
8:5 This Video assumes you already have the HomeBrew Channel Installed. Download Links Below. This is a quick video showing how to dump the required wad files from your vWii, how to install IOS236,.
BlueDump alpha 1 282 views
0:54 BlueDump, an universal dumper for the wii Currently can: Extract Savedata Restore Savedata Extract title's and IOS to WAD more stuff to come ! ps i shouldnt really be putting this on...
BlueDump Alpha 2 3812 views
1:32 Info @ http://shadybrew.myfail.net/index.php?title=BlueDump.