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Man cuts girlfriends head off on camera for cheating/snitch 5451 views
2:25 I'm really disturbed. If you want to watch the vid, you're own your own cause you ain't getting the link from me! I would not advise anyone to watch it! Plea...
man kills his girlfriend by cutting off head. {review} 2020 views
1:53 Next Prank Video - http://youtu.be/SagbfQoV7FA Previous Prank Video - http://youtu.be/QbY7zFLro7Y Please like/favorite this video if you enjoyed it. Thanks! ...
Howard Stern - Newscast Of The Guy Who Cut Off His Girlfriend's Head 6533 views
3:36 Its' News: http://full.sc/P2cgrV Well Hello There Friends...Here's The News Every Week, News You Love or Just Don't Give A Damn About Link To Story http://ww...
2:15 Criss Angel the mindfreak performs a very dangerous trick but did that go wrong?
Man cuts off right hand of 10 yo son of his girlfriend and cooks it in water boiler 60 views
1:19 Aras Hussein, 21, stabbed 18-year-old Reema Ramzan in the chest before he began to cut her head off while she was still conscious man has been jailed for lif...
Man Cuts Off Own Penis During Fight With Girlfriend 5310 views
1:7 http://www.africtoday.com The phallus (shaft of the penis) of a father of three has been chopped off by five assailants as punishment for dating the girlfrie...
Criss Angel shocking trick gone wrong? 2640621 views
3:39 I was dicking around with an rc chopper and I went chopping..
Man jailed for beheading teenage girlfriend with kitchen knife in "chilling and brutal attack" 456 views
0:31 A domestic dispute turned violence Tuesday in Orange County, leaving a man and woman injured.
3:10 "A man was arrested for cutting almost all of his girlfriend's nose off after she refused to have sex with him, Fort Lauderdale Police said. Ricardo Salamanc...
Man cuts girlfriends fingers off with rc helicopter 1609 views
0:13 Watch the full behind the scenes in the link below. http://youtu.be/CpCxIL3r5dM Watch the main video in this link! :) http://youtu.be/fdJc1_IBKJA Shay Carl, ...
Deputies: Man Cuts Off Ex-Girlfriend's Fingers 775 views
1:51 Police say a man chopped dishes and furniture into pieces and held a machete to his live-in girlfriend's face with a threat to cut her head off.
Florida Man Cut Almost All Of His Girlfriend's Nose Off Because She Refused To Have Sex! 115 views
1:14 A man who tried to commit suicide has confessed to dismembering his partner and putting her body in a refrigerator in the Spanish city of Zaragoza. According...
Boyfriend pushes Girlfriend off cliff - Insane Rope Swing 11481297 views
3:13 Head sneezes off, head comes off, head drops prank illusion scare! Mind blowing prank and illusion! SUBSCRIBE for more pranks and fun! http://bit.ly/10GNiYs ...
Bolivar man charged with machete threat to girlfriend 71 views
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Spain murder: man cuts girlfriend into pieces, hides the body in the refrigerator 951 views
1:0 A Chinese man upset that he couldn't find a girlfriend in a country of 1.3 billion people decided that the best course of action would be to chop off his own...
Craziest Scare/Prank Trick Ever! Magician Sneezes Head Off! 10993728 views
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Drive Thru Headless Prank 13983674 views