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Is that what you mean: ? the real video of man cuts off wife's head off for cheating
Head of Ranchi's Man cut off by his Sister's inlaws 9190 views
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Florida Man kills his wife - Shares picture and post on Facebook - New August 11th 2013 117986 views
2:44 People confess to a lot of things on Facebook: their frustrations, bad habits, secret longings and new loves. A Florida man confessed to something much more sinister Thursday. He said he killed...
Husband bites off wife`s nose out of Anger 260 views
1:17 Husband bites off wife`s nose out of Anger.Married Man bites off wife's nose in China.A woman in China needed plastic surgery after her husband bit off her nose in a rage.
husband ate wife's lip 2168 views
1:42 Jealous husband ate wife's lip 'on impulse' A Stockholm-area professor charged with cutting off and eating his wife's lower lip has told investigators he planned to kill himself after the...
man cut his wife neck 12786 views
0:51 D G Khan.
Man Slices His Own Tongue to Get Wife Back 377 views
1:11 Prank Gone Wrong: Old Man Gets Fed Up & Socks Boy In The Dome For Farting In His Wife's Face!
husband cut nose and lips of his wife (live bipper)_x264.mp4 1740 views
4:47 The video of Whitney Mongiat, 30, kicking and screaming in the front seat of the car has been seen across the world after it went viral this week.
Temper tantrum wife Whitney Mongiat says husband tricked her into car video and she's filming. 52651 views
3:41 A woman is being held on two attempted murder charges after gunning down her soon to be ex husband and his new fiance.
Cutting head 320 views
0:27 Husband keeps watch for wife shitting in elevator at subway station.
Soon to be ex wife shoots husband and his fiance 809 views
2:14 This video was uploaded from an Android phone.